Anti blue ray glass screen protector

This anti blue ray screen protector filters harmful blue light in band 380-400NM. Efficiently prevent hurt from blue light. Applied for: all mobile phone or pad /tablet of Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi. All 2.5D screen protector or 3D scree protector

Products Details

Process Anti blue.
Material Glass
AB Glue Japan/Korea origin, fast degassing
AF Coating Option: plasma spray/ plating
Total Thickness  0.58mm( glass); varies with other types.
Transparency 92%
Hardness 9H
Drop Angle 105(after testing) -115degree(before testing)
Ball Drop Test 175g solid steel ball, 1 meter height
Blue ray Filtered 400-450 NM, 51%, 390-490 NM, 38.8%
UV filtered 93%
Quality Option Average verion,  Xxstronger version
Appplied Type 2.5D, 3D, hotbending, black print edge, clear.
Package: 1 unit into 1 Dual layer EPE+CPE bag
OEM : Size, gift box
6_01 6_02 6_03 6_04 6_05 6_06 6_07 6_081,precise mold tooling based on real device leads to pefer matching. 2, anti blue function can be added to any of glass, PET, 2.5D, 3D, hotbending, black print edge or full clear screen protector. 3, filter 93%blue light 380-400nm to protect human eyes.Note: we also provide anti-blue ray PET film protector Working principle of anti-blue light screenp rotector The short wave light like blue light with length 380nm-490nm can penetrate eye lens and reach retina then lead to free radical. The radiation lets pigment epithelial cell die and make photosensitive cells innutritious. Here comes cosequences like maculopathy, retractile lens and mypia comes out. KEJA anti-blue light screen protector filters 93% blue light in band 380-400nm which widely exists LED screen display of mobilephone, pad or other electronic device. Effectively protector human rights. This product adapts PANDA or ASAHI alunimun glass. The total light transmission rate reachs 93%. The function can be used in 2.5D silk printed, 2.5D flat, 3D hot bending or 3D glue drop screen protector. Electronic plating offer long lasting anti-smudgeness. We also provide. extremely 40kg edge-crush proof version. KEJA anti-blue ray screen protector meet student, office staff frequently using mobile/computer, people watching TV long time. We also suggest patients use it: macular degeneration, iris congenital coloboma,diabetic retinopathy, albino, light sensitive drowd , retinitis pigmentosa, post –cataract surgery.

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