9H Hardened PET Screen Protector

一、background At this moment, there are a few kinds of screen protector material:glass, PET and TPU. For glass, when a glass screen protector is used for a long time and pilled off from screen, , unavoidably, ,there will be a lot of glass flakes when it gets broken. For TPU, due to it’s soft feature, it performs bad in anti-scratch. Now there is a solution, when the PET material is hardened, it can solve the shortage of glass and TPU. 二、Keja 9H hardened Screen film 1, 9H hardness, Compared with TPU, TPU is only 2-3 level hardness. KEJA 9H PET film can bear 9H pencil standard test. 2, no worry shatter. Glass screen protector face a lot of situation including droping, weak edge, pilling off . all of these situations will bring consequence of shatter flakes. It probably lead to hand hurt and dirty. KEJA PET film completely avoid this happening. Real shatter proof, real anti-explosion. 3, soft, thin and light. The glass screen protector is generally 0.5mm in thickness. The keja PET film is only 0.4mm. The PET is flexible and lighter,which means it will reduce the damage risk and save the transportation cost. 4, Clear, anti-blue light, anti-bacteria,privacy are available.

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